Who We Are

Standing Ovation Theatre Academy is a 501c3 not-for-profit community theatre providing training and performing opportunities for children & adults. SOTA produces family-friendly theatre and vocal productions throughout the year as well as specialty camps for children.

Mission Statement

Standing Ovation Theatre Academy (SOTA) exists to help performers identify, develop, and share their talents in order to be a blessing to others.

The Shared Core Values of Standing Ovation Theatre Academy (SOTA) Are

Our Staff



Open to Adults and Children

*Children must be 7 years old prior to the audition date.

Monday, May 15 from 5pm-9pm

Email Erin@standingotheatre.com to schedule your audition

Walk ins will be seen as time allows

Callbacks (Invitation Only)

Tuesday, May 16 from 5pm-9pm

Prepare 32 bars (no longer than 1 minute) of a musical theatre song in the style of the show. Bring CD accompaniment without background vocals. There is no piano accompanist provided for this audition. Please no songs from Beauty and the Beast.

Performances: August 11 @ 7pm & 12 @ 1pm and 6pm

Rehearsals will be held Monday evenings (Leads/Supporting only) & Saturday mornings (Full cast) beginning in June. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be made available at auditions.

Scholarship/Payment Plans


Mariya P. (Parent)

“We have been a part of the SOTA family for the past 6 years. There is a strong variety of theatrical shows and singing performances for kids of all ages. Every child has a voice and SOTA is great at showcasing that. The directors are all very encouraging and really promote a fun learning atmosphere. It has truly been a life-changing journey for my daughter as she has grown in her abilities and self-confidence. As a parent, it's been such a blessing to see her thrive in a community that helps her be the best actress and singer she can be. At the end of each show she is ready to jump into the next one with her friends. The parent involvement is really minimal, which I love since life is busy. I can't imagine being a part of any other children's theater company.”

Hannah C. (Student)

“It took two weeks of summer camp to fall in love with SOTA and what they stood for. I met amazing people and got to see theatre in a way I never got the chance to. I found the resources and shows I never knew I needed. I have blossomed so much since joining SOTA. Playing Morticia Addams in The Addams Family gave me that confidence that I have always wanted as a performer and a person. I have since gone on to perform in shows at my school and in singing groups within my school and community, and it’s all thanks to what SOTA has to offer. The shy and insecure version of me that walked into SOTA in 2013 would have never gotten these opportunities even though she wanted them so badly. SOTA brings out the best in you no matter where you start out. People have gone on to be incredible people and performers. Each show has a family, not just a cast and crew but a close-knit family. Doing shows here is uplifting and inspiring. There is nothing but love and support from each and every person and it shows with every performance.”

Amy J. (Parent)

“SOTA has served as a wonderful outlet for my daughter. As a participant in multiple productions, Nora has learned the importance of showing up - showing up with your whole heart, showing up on time, showing up for your cast mates, and showing up for yourself. She understands what true teamwork means. She knows that every role is critical and that when everyone works together with respect towards the same goal, beautiful things can happen. Through her experience she has learned how to welcome constructive criticism and knows that is the only way she will grow her talent. She comes home from every rehearsal energized and excited. She has met so many terrific kids who share her love for musical theatre, and she takes great pride in being taken seriously by the directors and choreographers whose expectations are very real. Through these expectations and engagement efforts Nora has grown her confidence, talent, and ability to socialize. I am ever grateful to SOTA for creating such a fun experience and for helping to foster her love for musical theatre.”

Nora J. (Student)

“SOTA has helped me in so many ways. I always loved to sing, and theatre helps me do more with my singing by acting and dancing. I fell in love with doing theatre at SOTA and have made so many new friends during my experience. We play different theatre games to improve thinking quickly and take a class or two for character development when there are shows. SOTA has taught me how to take constructive criticism and be confident but also humble. Instead of having separate rehearsals, SOTA usually has the whole cast come to every rehearsal so the whole cast will know the show by tech week. This also really helps with patience. SOTA has a wonderful community; all of the directors/choreographers are amazing. I have learned so much and have become comfortable with myself as an actor and a student.”


TJ Klein (Parent)

“What do you do when your kid loves acting, singing, or musical theatre? You sign them up for Standing Ovation Theatre Academy! For the longest time, my son loved anything and all things musical and acting. I never had an outlet for him to try out his skills or to learn more techniques. A friend then told me about SOTA, and we could have not been more thrilled to join their productions. The shows are amazing. The kids are absolutely wonderful and you could not ask for a better, more supportive group of people to work with your kids. My son loves the shows and is ready for the next one before the current one is over. I cannot thank them enough or recommend them more for anyone who has a child with a passion or interest in theatre.”

Standing Ovation Theatre Academy